Damian White  – Principal
BSc (App Bio), PGDip (Cons. Bio)

Damian has been involved in environmental consultancy for over 20 years. As a result of his consultancy work, he is recognised as one of the region’s most proficient and prolific fauna surveyors, having completed studies at over 200 sites. Damian was previously employed on a casual basis by the Gold Coast City Council to critique, review and update their citywide vertebrate fauna species list. He has previously been employed as a research assistant at the University of Queensland Entomology Department, the Centre for Tropical Pest Management and at the Department of Primary Industries at Toowoomba. He has also undertaken the planning preparation and presentation of workshops for the QPWS NatureSearch program, and numerous other workshop presentations for various bushcare and catchment groups. He has also been employed by Griffith University to provide input and leadership on field trips and surveys in and around the southeast corner of Queensland and has also taken part in some invertebrate surveys in the Proserpine region with a Queensland Museum staff member. Damian is highly proficient in surveying and identifying all vertebrate fauna – birds, mammals, frogs, reptiles and fresh-water fish. Unlike many other consultancies, Damian and ddwfauna also undertake select invertebrate surveys, targeting both well and lesser known insect and crustacean groups. The inclusion of such groups is important, as invertebrates contribute in excess of 90% of animal diversity and play extremely important roles in the ecological processes vital to ecosystem health. Invertebrates are often overlooked by environmental consultancies, due to the level of expertise required to sample and identify these groups. Over many years, Damian has attained the level of expertise necessary to survey these groups.


Narelle Power   BSc (Hons)

Narelle has extensive experience in the field of entomology, holding a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Entomology, and an honours degree, which investigated the temporal and spatial ecology of a previously little understood Dipteran Family. This study also resulted in the identification of several new species of Therevidae. Narelle was also involved in research into the potential use of native Australian seed-feeding fruit flies in the biocontrol of Senecio madagascariensis, commonly known as Fireweed, which is a serious pasture pest in Australia. Narelle has been a member of the Fauna Survey Team for the past fifteen years, and has also been the project officer for a revegetation component funded by Coastcare for the Loders Creek Catchment Association, and been employed as a research assistant at the University of Queensland, and Griffith University. Narelle was also employed on a contract basis by the Queensland Museum to undertake an invertebrate survey in the Proserpine area in 2007-2008.

Narelle undertakes wildlife photography for ddwfauna. The members of ddwfauna have produced several information booklets/brochures – several of which were produced in conjunction with the Gold Coast City council and Loders Creek Catchment Association Inc, ‘The Frogs of Loders and Biggera Creeks’, ‘Frogs of the Gold Coast’  and ‘Wildlife of the Gold Coast’.  Currently, ddwfauna is working with the Ipswich City Council to produce a series of books for the Ipswich Region : Wildlife of Ipswich, Birds of Ipswich, Frogs and Reptiles of Ipswich, Mammals of Ipswich and Fishes and Other Aquatic Life of Ipswich.

Narelle has also worked in association with the Tamborine Mountain Landcare Group in the production of the ‘Weeds of Tamborine Mountain’ booklet.  Narelle has also produced information signage and information brochures for the Loders Creek Catchment Association Inc Nature Trail, Senses Trail and Bushtucker trail, as well as educational signage for Bat Rescue, which were used in Cascade Gardens, Broadbeach.

Jeannie White

Jeannie has been a part of ddwfauna from the very beginning, and is part of our Gold Coast office at Southport. Jeannie is also one of the founding members of the Loders Creek Catchment Management Association, which has provided expertise and on ground work throughout the Loders Creek Catchment for well over 20 years. Jeannie and the members of ddwfauna have been the driving force behind much of the revegetation and weed management in the catchment, as well as establishing the Loders Creek Nature Trail, the Loders Creek Butterfly Garden and the Loders Creek Senses Trail. Jeannie continues to ensure that Loders Creek and its surrounding catchment is an important cornerstone in the community. Jeannie is the current President of the Loders Creek Catchment Association, and also a valued member of the Loders Creek Community Garden (which she instigated).