Professional Skills


The Fauna  Survey Team has extensive experience in environmental surveying in and around Southeast Queensland. The combination of the skills of Doug and Damian White, and Narelle Power brings together the following capabilities:

* Fauna specialists
* Terrestrial & aquatic vertebrate and invertebrate surveys
* Environmental impact statements
* Management plans
* Aquatic macro-invertebrate sampling
* Targeted species studies
* Monitoring and statistical analysis
* The production of environmental education pamphlets, literature and information signage

* Threatened species surveys

* Threatened species policy and legislation 

* Biodiversity surveys

* Statistical analysis

* Wildlife photography

* 10 years experience

We hold current Public Liability Insurance, and all relevant ethical and scientific use permits.

The members of ddwfauna have also been involved in several public education programs run by the Loders Creek Catchment Management Association, and in this role have provided training for the elderly of the area enabling them to act as Nature Trail Guides along the Loders Creek Nature Trail. The group has previously been responsible for the research and production of the Loders Creek Nature Trail pamphlet and associated signage, and the more recently, the newly developed Butterfly Garden information pamphlet and associated signage  (also for the Loders Creek group).

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