Survey Methods



  • Light trapping for insects
  • Bird observation and call recognition (call playback using stereo recording for some groups, including rails, crakes, nocturnal species)
  • Use of fish and yabby traps (for fish and freshwater crustaceans)
  • Call recognition and pitfall trapping for amphibians
  • Scat and trace analysis
  • Small/medium ground mammal trapping (Elliott traps, cage traps and pitfall traps)
  • Arboreal mammal trapping
  • Hair tube/funnel survey and analysis
  • Spotlighting for arboreal mammals, and nocturnal birds
  • Anabat analysis for microchiropteran bats
  • General search and pitfall trapping for reptiles
  • Active search, capture and call recognition for invertebrates
  • Utilisation of dip nets to sample for macro-invertebrate biological indicator species
  • Utilisation of remote sensing infrared trail cameras



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